Soul. lt is said that who we are is predetermined the day we are born and that our souls live on after we are gone. What is not generally known is Santa gets to examine these souls as they leave us and, when he finds one that is especially young in mind and spirit and more importantly, a soul that has brought Joy to the World, he allows them to enter the North Pole and become elves. He calls them his "special elves".

​ln the North Pole one such incarnation is an elf that even as he works in the toy shop constantly swivels his hips, quivers his lips and sings his rock & roll songs one after another. After many years Santa has even allowed him to disregard the normal elf clothes in favor of a red leather jump suit and blue suede shoes. You see, his name is ELFIS and he's Santa's special rock & roll elf.

​elfis is still singing and bringing joy. You just have to know where to look to find him. And is he still bringing joy to others? You betcha! ln fact recently, with the help of others "special" elves, he helped save Christmas for a little girl and her family.

​Keep watching these pages as this story of ELFIS continues to develop.










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