Jim Samuel, Smooth Dance

Jim's music can heard on numerous radio stations across the globe and on the web. Jim is proud to affiliated with these fine stations:

Jim's Story

Jim Samuel is a former performer and songwriter with the recording group Bob Brady and the Conchords before playing with Pen Lucy, one of the Mid Atlantic's foremost show groups in the 60's and 70's. The Conchords had hit records including "More,More,More of your Love" in the U.S. while having "Everybody's Going to a Love-In" remain a popular song in Europe, still enjoying regular airplay today. During these years Jim had the opportunity to perform with R&B icons like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and the Dells and with pop/rock & roll legends like the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and the Who. The Conchords are still considered one of the top "blue eyed soul" (Northern Soul in Europe) groups from that era. Their songs (written by Bob Brady and Jim) have been played on TV shows and commercials throughout the world (Click on the ACT I tab for pictures and music from the Conchords and Pen Lucy)

Jim has always lived in Maryland. He began playing the piano at age 4, was classically trained and went from the classics to rock & roll as a teenager. While still in his teens, he performed in large concerts and on radio and TV with the Conchords. Music has always been a dominant part of his life. After performing for several years Jim drifted away from music. Over the past 25 years he has been a successful business owner who rarely played the piano even for personal satisfaction. He was busy with life away from the music business. The only involvement in music during this Hiatus was the writing of ELFIS, a rock and roll Christmas fairy tale. ELFIS has been Jim's dream, a sort of rock and roll Wizard of Oz for the holidays. ELFIS includes original songs and a story that will bring back rock & roll memories. Other than ELFIS, Jim had rarely played until recently.

A few years ago Jim decided to try the new world of digital technology in music by purchasing a digital piano, His goal was to play again starting with learning a few Christmas songs. The result two years later is CHRISTMAS. New technology helped an old musician find his way back to performing again.










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